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Actually.... [Feb. 8th, 2005|12:11 pm]


[mood |distresseddistressed]

...I just wanted to post this paragraph from the article hymnia (oops I can't remember how to spell your name, sorry...) referred to a few posts ago:

"They (a lot of churches) sing songs in a style that is dated, the architecture is dated, and the language that they speak is dated. Their mission is not to convert people to Christ but to convert people to be just like them. It's an unspoken rule that to be a part of their churches, you need to look like them in how you dress, you need to talk like them, and like what they like, such as Christian music, getting rid of your television, not drinking or smoking. I don't see any of that in the gospel. Churches that refuse to adapt to and engage the culture in which they live will eventually die out, or, at they very least, be marginalized to the point of being irrelevant. I would say we have already come to that point for many churches."

Wow, that just about sums up my christian life. I like to wear wierd clothes *cringes from the ensuing screams of horror*, I like to go to the pub with my friends and drink beer on the weekend *you heathen you* I'm not a fan of Hillsong *get behind thee Satan* and I have facial piercings and love tattoos *see you in hell sucker* (Please note: comments in *stars* indicative of many so-called Christians in churches I've been to)

Sheesh, I'm so tired of being judged by these shallow standards. I, for one, know of many non-christians who just ain't gonna conform to the standards of so many people in the church today. And so I guess that's where my role comes into action...attracting the freaks hee hee. Kids...no actually everybody... today needs to know that God loves them and wants a relationship with them regardless of what colour hair they have or how many tattoos or piercings they have (in fact God probably thinks a lot of the body mods are cool too lol). Anyways, this article really hit a nerve with me so I just wanted to have a rant. I urge anyone who has ever judged someone because of their appearance to re-consider their motives and come with a spirit of love (ok that sounded suss but you know what I mean). God loves me, no matter how freaky I am...so there!! *Stands with arms crossed and chin sticking out*

[User Picture]From: brennakate
2005-02-08 01:53 am (UTC)
Don't be distressed! I am fortunate enough to have never been to a church like those that you describe, though I've struggled with believing those stereotypes. I remember walking into my church for the first time. I saw a couple: the male, wearing shorts in March, a shaved head, tattoos on the back of both legs, gauged earrings (in both ears!), and a beard down to the middle of his chest; the female: a tattoo covering her entire back, dyed purple hair, two nose rings, and the list goes on. I assumed (wrongly) that they were unmarried and unsaved, when in fact, the female was a campus pastor! How come I'd never seen Christians like this before? I was so used to seeing suits and ties and dresses.
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[User Picture]From: sarynx
2005-02-08 09:04 am (UTC)
i never wear a suit and a dress at the same time. even dresses and ties are iffy...

(leeleebrewski: presto, a sassy cutting edge introduction. :) welcome)
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[User Picture]From: leeleebrewski
2005-02-09 11:15 pm (UTC)
aww shucks, why thank you sarynx, guess I'm cleverer (?) than I thought
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[User Picture]From: lucypevensie
2005-02-10 07:32 am (UTC)

Review for my benefit

Was that from Celtic Way?
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[User Picture]From: cupcakemels
2005-08-23 07:54 pm (UTC)
=D Yep.

Great post!
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